Pet’s Corner

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At DeliverIt Pharmacy we believe in providing the best care to our family. We extend our service to your pets too.

We can:

  • We specialize orders such as food, vitamins, and supplies.
  • We customize your pet’s prescription to meet their medical needs and taste.

Favorite Flavors We Offer:

  • Dogs: Chicken, beef, bacon, salmon, peanut butter
  • Cats: chicken, bacon, tuna, salmon, beef
  • Lizards: Apple, banana, watermelon, grape, raspberry
  • Birds: Peanut butter, apple, grape, orange, banana bread
  • Rabbits: Molasses, banana bread, apple, cherry, strawberry

Order Now

This is for refills only. If you have a new prescription please stop by and drop it off, or have your doctor call in or fax it to us.
Phone: 281.277.1071
Fax: 281.277.1075

If your prescription is at a different pharmacy other than DeliverIt Pharmacy, and you would like to get your refill at DeliverIt Pharmacy,
please give us call at 281.277.1071 to contact your pharmacy to transfer it to DeliverIt Pharmacy.

If you are out of refills please call us and let us know so that we can contact your doctor’s office.

Online refill orders are fulfilled within an hour from the time the order is submitted. We will inform you if there are any discripeincy via phone to resolve it as quickly as possible!